You Don’t Get a Second Change to Make a First Impression


  • Clean up gardens and sidewalks in the front of the house, put down fresh mulch

  • Provide photos for gardens in bloom

  • Paint the front door and shutters and change the hardware

  • Straighten and clean gutters and downspouts

  • Clean and power wash decks, patios and siding

  • Remove and roll up garden hoses and remove old furniture and debris from the yard

  • Store garbage and recycling cans

  • Trim bushes that block the windows and sunlight


  • Home should be spotless and bright

  • Declutter all rooms

  • Remove personal photos and pack up collections, trophies, awards, certificates

  • Remove controversial artwork and religious statements

  • The Interior is the Second Change to Make a First Impression

  • Remove all items from the bathroom counter, tub and shower

  • Wash windows and remove screens

  • Paint walls a light, neutral color using the same color throughout the house

  • Make sure hardwood floor shines and carpets are freshly cleaned or replaced, if necessary

  • Replace outdated light fixtures and switch covers

  • Open windows, add fresh flowers, remove litter boxes and pet beds

  • Open drapes and blinds to let in sunlight

  • Replace light bulbs that are burned out


  • Remove small appliances and clutter from the counter

  • Clean appliances inside and out

  • Repair or replace damaged countertops

  • Organize contents of kitchen cabinets and drawers

  • Remove window coverings to let in more light

  • Replace faucets if dated or leaky


  • Replace outdated/leaky  bathroom faucets, lighting and mirrors

  • Replace old toilets with water saving model

  • Clean sink, shower and baths

  • Organize linen closet and drawers

  • Removal all personal items

  • Recaulk sink, tub and shower


  • Clean the utility room

  • Make sure all lights are working

  • Remove items from the floor and place on shelving for an organized look

  • Remove oil stains from the garage floor

  • Install garage door openers that reverse for safety


  • Replace broken tiles and equipment

  • Remove stains

  • Provide photos showing open pool


  • Dress it up with plants during warm months

  • Sweep it clean

  • Repair/repair screens


It’s an important element in our daily lives and buyers look for the latest and greatest when it comes to their home, including smart thermostats, energy efficient appliances, access to high speed internet and good cell phone service.  If you have these features, be sure buyers know.